Joel Jambon
Joel Jambon Every Saturday & Sunday, from 8 pm to midnight At the Lafitte Hotel & Bar – 1003 Bourbon St, at the corner of St. Philip (right next to Lafitte May 30, 2024
Joel Jambon May 30, 2024 Every Saturday & Sunday, from 8 pm to midnight At the Lafitte Hotel & Bar – 1003 Bourbon St, at the corner of St. Philip (right next to Lafitte Where’s Joel playing? January 2, 2023 You can find me playing piano and leading sing-a-longs Every Saturday & Sunday, from 8 pm to midnight At the Lafitte Hotel & Bar 1003 Bourbon St “New Clothes for the Pole” July 24, 2021 © Zerry Song — 2021 iPhone Photography Awards https://www.ippawards.com/ Shot on iPhone 7 Luoyang, Henan, China ### Languishing May 31, 2021 Here are some of my diary entries from early 2021: My thinking is scattered and confused. Can’t focus. Can’t concentrate. Don’t want to. Give me Joel gets vaccinated April 19, 2021 Got my 2nd shot of the Moderna vaccine today at the NOLA Convention Center. (Woke up and told Ed, “I’m going downtown to let a stranger inject me Lynette Jambon Duet March 11, 2021 Obituary for my oldest sister, taken from us far too soon by early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Ed gets vaccinated February 25, 2021 Ed got his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. Yay! The only side effect: some muscle soreness, not too bad. Advice from doctors: Take The Hill We Climb January 22, 2021 The incredible inaugural poem by Amanda Gorman: When day comes we ask ourselves, where can we find light in this never-ending shade? The loss we 2020 Election Results January 2, 2021 More Americans voted for Joe Biden (81.3M) than voted for the current president (74.2M). Joe Biden won states totaling 306 Electoral Votes. 2020 Wrap-Up December 31, 2020 yearendwrap The pandemic and my subsequent unemployment made it a big year for sitting in front of screens. Saw lots more things than last year. This year I Every generation has the same complaints! August 11, 2020 January 16, 1904 From the New Iberia Enterprise and Independent Observer COMPLICATIONS OF PRESENT DAY LIFE. Life has become a tumult. The average Artificial Intelligence Poetry July 3, 2020 this is the lost generation, the end of the century, the empty vessel at the end of Creation & this is their song, Hollow hearts & singing broken Remembering the Marriage Equality Decision, 5 Years Ago June 28, 2020 This is a reminder that progress can happen, errors can be undone. Fun Fact: Gay marriage has now been around longer than the Confederacy was. Livestream Piano Request Show for POB June 20, 2020 Music & Videos ### Another victory in the quest for LGBT Equality June 15, 2020 Until today, you could be fired for being LGBTQ in 26 states in America (including Louisiana). 🏳️‍🌈 The Supreme Court has ruled 6-3, not anymore. Psst… June 11, 2020 “Confederate Statues Were Built To Further A ‘White Supremacist Future’” Fuck Confederate statues. All these people saying statues are good for The Protests June 10, 2020 Fifteen days and nights into this nationwide conflagration, the protests following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis are truly navigating Life: June 8, 2020 June 8, 2020 Living with COVID-19 has now just become normal life. Eighty-five days since work ended for me, and quarantine began. We have visited Darrell & Civil War Pensioner! June 5, 2020 The last person in America to collect a pension from the Civil War died last week. WHAT?!?!? Follow this: Mose Triplett was born in 1846 in North The Thibodaux Massacre, Louisiana 1887 June 3, 2020 Cane cutters, while “free,” weren’t allowed to own land, rent, and their families lived in old slave cabins. Instead of cash, workers got scrip that
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