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The pandemic and my subsequent unemployment made it a big year for sitting in front of screens. Saw lots more things than last year.

This year I watched 71 films, up from 27 last year.
14 of them were from 2020 and 17 from 2019.

Best things I saw:

Best Documentaries I saw:

Click on this link to see the all the movies I saw in Movie Poster Format:

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TV Faves






many HGTV home makeover shows, especially

New Favorite Guilty Pleasure:

Ed had his gall bladder removed in December. While he recovered in the hospital, I spent daylight hours with him and came home at night to sleep. When I would get home from the hospital, my brain was fried and I wanted to unwind with some unchallenging television. It was a Sunday night and I turned on MeTV and there it was.


Why do I love it:

  1. Peter Falk is delightful.
  2. The nostalgia of the 70’s decor, lots of green, brown, yellow, and orange.
  3. It’s slow TV. If he’s gotta make a call, you will see him dialing a phone, waiting, having the conversation, walking away. Today that shot would have lasted 3 seconds and had 5 edits in it.

And I found I wasn’t alone in succumbing to its charms.

The Quarantine Stream: I Just Want to Take a Year Off From Everything and Watch Columbo’

How Columbo Became an Unlikely Quarantine Hit

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Favorite Stand-Up Comedy


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My Music Obsessions of 2020

Genesis Albums

I had one and only one music deep-dive in 2020: Genesis.

When the pandemic hit, the band put up a bunch of concerts on YouTube. I watched them all and it sparked a deep-dive.

I already knew and loved the band’s 80’s post-Peter Gabriel output, and decided to plunge into the prog-rock 70’s years. Found myself loving it! Keyboardist Tony Banks is the engine that powers the group.

I went crazy and added 12 live albums (official and bootleg) to my Genesis collection.

Also did a full listening to all Peter Gabriel albums, and all Phil Collins albums. (Sorry, Mike + the Mechanics, you didn’t make the cut.)

Here’s the Duke Suite” performed live at the Lyceum Theatre in London in May 1980.

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Books read:

  • Not Dead Yet by Phil Collins
  • The Living Years by Mike Rutherford
  • I Want My MTV by Marks & Tannenbaum
  • The Beautiful Ones by Prince
  • Comedy Sex God by Pete Holmes

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