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2020 Wrap-Up December 31, 2020 yearendwrap The pandemic and my subsequent unemployment made it a big year for sitting in front of screens. Saw lots more things than last year. This year I 2019 Wrap-Up December 31, 2019 yearendwrap Watched 27 Movies. (20 narrative, 7 documentaries) Made 3 trips to the cinema. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (sets a mood of a time and place and 2018 Wrap-Up December 31, 2018 yearendwrap TV shows continue to overtake movies in my watching time. Watched 37 movies. 9 from the 20th century, 28 from the 21st. 8 of them were 2017 Wrap-Up December 31, 2017 yearendwrap Watched 64 movies. 12 from the 20th century, 52 from the 21st. 18 of them were documentaries. Made 9 trips to the cinema. Moonlight Dunkirk On The 2016 Wrap-Up December 31, 2016 yearendwrap 83 films watched in 2016, down from 97 last year. I’m surprised to find only 17 films from the 20th century on this year’s list, and 65 from the 2015 Wrap-Up December 31, 2015 yearendwrap 97 films watched in 2015, down from 102 last year. Mad Max: Fury Road Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens The Imitation Game A Most Wanted 2014 Wrap-Up December 31, 2014 yearendwrap 102 films watched in 2014. Mostly on DVD from Netflix, although I did open a streaming account this year. Guardians of the Galaxy The Imitation Game 2013 Wrap-Up December 31, 2013 yearendwrap Not only did I watch 64 films in 2013, but also watched all 24 of the James Bond films that were released to this point (including Never Say Never 2012 Wrap-Up December 31, 2012 yearendwrap These were rented from Blockbuster DVD-by-mail. (That service ended in 2014, along with the rest of Blockbuster. RIP.) Love Actually (2003) Walk