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Joel Jambon
Sinus surgery May 19, 2020 I had sinus surgery last week to remove polyps. The surgery really knocked me on my butt for a few days - whew! Doctor says things look good on my Livestream Piano Request Show for POB May 1, 2020 Music & Videos Songs performed: Drive My Car/Get Back Bohemian Rhapsody Push It Oh What A Night Single Ladies Walking To New Orleans It’s Raining Men Brandy A Frankenpo for Quarantine April 11, 2020 Music A “Frankenpo” is a poem made by collecting and rearranging lines from other poems. I cobbled some somg lyrics together for our current situation. Chidi’s “Waves” speech February 10, 2020 “Picture a wave. In the ocean. You can see it, measure it: its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes through. And… it’s there. You Karaoke + Fear Factor = LOL January 11, 2020 Twitter https://twitter.com/_holmes_holmes/status/1216053103763607554 2019 Wrap-Up December 31, 2019 yearendwrap Watched 27 Movies. (20 narrative, 7 documentaries) Made 3 trips to the cinema. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (sets a mood of a time and place and 2019 status updates December 30, 2019 Dec 9, 2019 New Orleans’ own Black Men Of Labor Social Aid & Pleasure Club, 2019 📷 pic.twitter.com/rXM0pYDIEZ — Black Is Beautiful (@ShotByLu) Old video of Mom and Dad December 5, 2019 Videos TV picks for Thanksgiving: November 27, 2019 Thanksgiving Day The National Dog Show on NBC, 12 pm Central New Orleans Saints at the Atlanta Falcons on NBC, 7:20 pm Central Friday Great Feeling lost November 21, 2019 politics These tweets capture my state of mind: I don't know what the short term ramifications will be, but Adam Schiff over the past two weeks has laid out Review of LISTENING FOR AMERICA By Rob Kapilow November 16, 2019 Started reading this in 2019. Must return to it in 2020. Broadway’s Golden Age will never return, but the songs of the Golden Age will never leave Watchmen links November 15, 2019 Really enjoying “Watchmen” and I didn’t even want to watch it at first! Here are links to recaps and information: Legacy November 13, 2019 Interviewer: You’re right, that does sound grim. Conan O’Brien: Sorry. Calvin Coolidge was a pretty popular president. I’ve been to his grave in Alvin at work June 30, 2019 pictures Pride June 6, 2019 ATTENTION STRAIGHT PEOPLE who want to throw a “Straight Pride Parade” Did you ever have to think, “I’m straight, but I like blondes with long legs.” Game Of Thrones Finale May 20, 2019 My “Thrones” finale thoughts … but first, a joke from twitter: “It would be great if at the conclusion of GoT, all the characters have to say “good Silliness with snapchat filter March 16, 2019 pictures 2018 Wrap-Up December 31, 2018 yearendwrap TV shows continue to overtake movies in my watching time. Watched 37 movies. 9 from the 20th century, 28 from the 21st. 8 of them were 2018 status updates December 30, 2018 Dec 25, 2018, 2:01 PM 50 years ago Anders: Oh my God! Look at that picture over there! There’s the Earth coming up. Wow, that’s pretty. Borman: 2017 Wrap-Up December 31, 2017 yearendwrap Watched 64 movies. 12 from the 20th century, 52 from the 21st. 18 of them were documentaries. Made 9 trips to the cinema. Moonlight Dunkirk On The Next page