Life: June 8, 2020

Life: June 8, 2020

Personal Impact:

  • Living with COVID-19 has now just become normal life.

  • Eighty-five days since work ended for me, and quarantine began. We have visited Darrell & Glen twice and I have visited Alvin & Dani twice. Got take-out food once (from Sukho Thai).

  • Grocery store visits are not as scary these days. Most people I see in the store are wearing masks.

  • Had sinus surgery on May 12 and I think it went okay. Doctor thinks so too.

  • Have done two POB livestream shows. The first was on the laptop and went well, but on the day of the second show, FB had problems so I had to use my phone - and had a lot of audio drop-outs.

  • Watching a lot of TV. Was making organ videos prior to surgery, but I don’t feel musical lately.

  • However, I have been listening to a lot of music. Genesis, specifically. I’m two months deep into a full career exploration and I really enjoyed this deep dive. Read Phil and Mike’s bios too.

  • Gaining weight. Should exercise. Am not.

  • The idiot manchild is double-digits behind Biden in the polls.

  • The nation has been protesting George Floyd’s death for nearly two weeks. Black Lives Matter.