2009 Status Updates

In reverse chronological order

December 30, 2009

Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.” - from the film Vanilla Sky”

December 28, 2009

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” - Emily Dickinson

December 8, 2009

Lady Gaga says Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun.” No, I suppose it isn’t. That’s just a bunch of people sitting around a table.

November 25, 2009

Tomorrow makes ten years since my Mom passed away. I miss you so much, Mom, and I still think about you every day. I wish I could have just one more conversation, one more moment. Thank you for being a great parent.

November 12, 2009

Wow, the house is so quiet & lonely with Ed out of town. Yesterday, the dogs were pining for him big time, but today they seem happier.

November 10, 2009

Ed’s father passed away and he’s traveling back to Florida for the funeral. I’m going to stay home with the dogs.

November 7, 2009

I told a customer to sit down. It happened to be Saints legend Morten Anderson!!! D’oh!

October 9, 2009

If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to serve as a horrible warning.

October 8, 2009

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.” - from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden”

October 6, 2009

I’m a rebel, fighting the system. Gently. And with the system’s consent.

October 2, 2009

The biggest flash of light, the loudest booming noise, and then darkness in the house. Did a transformer just blow up? No, but further investigating reveals a charred raccoon underneath the electric pole by our kitchen!

September 28, 2009

I think I have a Plantar wart on the bottom of my right foot, and because as a child I saw my Mom suffer with them, I FEEL SO OLD RIGHT NOW. Sad.

August 30, 2009

Played The Way You Look Tonight” this morning for Ed while he made breakfast. Dropped in a quote of Dizzy Gillespie’s Salt Peanuts” and he caught it. Another reason why I love him so much. :-)

August 25, 2009

Swimming is good for you. Especially if you’re drowning.

August 19, 2009

Andy Warhol proclaimed: In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” The right Internet-era variation might be that in the future, we will all be famous to 15 people.

August 12, 2009

Today is Ed’s birthday - 55 years old! We went to lunch with Darrell & Glen and had vietnamese po-boys - garlic beef. Yum!

August 11, 2009

My Dad got a new set of hearing aids today. He can really hear now!!! We were able to converse easily in a crowded restaurant - amazing! Roxane drove him to Spahr’s in Des Allemands and Ed & I had lunch with them to celebrate.

August 6, 2009

I never, ever got a good night’s sleep on the night before a school year began. I’d stay awake running scenarios in my head, worrying about anything & everything. Would I get nice or mean teachers? Would friends I hadn’t seen in months now reject me? Of course, it always went just fine and all the worrying was for naught. And I slept great the night before the second day of school.

July 31, 2009

When I have to sing the words boogie oogie oogie,” it makes me laugh involuntarily. It’s the most pleasant silly feeling.

July 9, 2009

I love stand-up comedy. Darrell, Glen, Ed, and I are going tonight to see one of my favorite comedians, Bill Maher, at the recently renovated and re-opened Mahalia Jackson Theater of the Performing Arts. (Is this when Glen broke my phone?)

July 6, 2009

Oscar Levant: The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.”

July 3, 2009

Chuckie’s service was beautiful

July 1, 2009

Going down the bayou”: supper with Dad and sisters tonight, then helping with the music at Chuckie Guidry’s memorial service on Thursday.

June 6, 2009

No one can change the past, but we can change the future.

May 29, 2009

It’s important to care and to try, even though the effects of one’s caring and trying may be absurd, futile, or so woven into the future as to be indetectable.” - Anon.

April 26, 2009

Torture. Sorry for being a bummer here, but I feel very strongly about this issue. The American people are going to have to start dealing with the fact that our government and our nation’s name is now stained by the use of torture. My God, we did things that we ourselves put people to death for in WWII.

How much clearer can it be that, to quote Paul Krugman: … what we really should do for the sake of the country is have investigations both of torture and of the march to war. These investigations should, where appropriate, be followed by prosecutions — not out of vindictiveness, but because this is a nation of laws. We need to do this for the sake of our future. For this isn’t about looking backward, it’s about looking forward — because it’s about reclaiming America’s soul.”

April 25, 2009

Taye Diggs & Brandon Routh were just in the front row in the piano lounge. I’m sorry I missed them when they left. I was gonna ask them if they wanted my autograph. :-)

April 18, 2009

Home alone today… Ed is road-tripping to Tennessee to pick up another victrola he bought on eBay, this time a cabinet model. Sprout & Ivy are pining for him something fierce - they won’t leave sight of the door.

April 2, 2009

What matters: love. What doesn’t matter: possessions. But ya’ll knew that already.

February 7, 2009

Excited that i’m off tonight and get to see the Krewe Du Vieux parade for the first time since 2006! It’s carnival time, baby!

January 7, 2009

Spent the evening in the French Quarter with Tommy & Ed. Supper at Angeli’s, drinking at the finest bars on St. Ann street. A good night off


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