COVID-19: April 5, 2020

COVID-19: April 5, 2020

National Impact:

  • Every night on the nightly news I see: doctors and nurses complain about not having enough PPE; doctors, nurses, police, bus drivers are all catching/dying of it too; so much suffering; people dying alone with no relatives present. Governments pleading with people to get inside and take this seriously.

  • Trump started the week acting like he got the message on possible deaths and was taking things more seriously. However, by Saturday’s briefing, he was back to saying the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. We’ve got to get our country open” but also saying There will be a lot of death.”

  • I want to vote in November. Congress needs to start working on national vote-by-mail NOW.

Personal Impact:

  • Grateful that our state government has been proactive and responsive. It has helped that New Orleans was an early hot-spot and therefore we got early help getting testing up and running at drive-up sites. Why am I not seeing this expand on a national scale?

  • Started seeing a lot more people wearing masks at the grocery store. (The CDC made it an official recommendation on Saturday.)

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  • Listening to The Hudson Brothers, Fountains Of Wayne, Bill Withers, early 80’s new wave

  • Started reading The Beautiful Ones,” the Prince auto-biography

  • Watching: 30 Rock, Party Down, Westworld, DEVS

  • Posting organ videos on Facebook. Will collect them here at the blog soon.

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  • Coronavirus Case Counts Are Meaningless” from fivethirtyeight

  • Even so, I’m still looking at case/death counts.

  • Last Sunday, Louisiana had 3540 cases and I (privately) predicted Louisiana would have 13,443 cases by today. Well, today’s official count is 13,010.

  • Watch out, because the exponential growth is starting to kick in.
    Next Sunday, I think we’ll have between 44K and 49K cases.

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