From NBC Nightly News: “Ask The Experts”

From NBC Nightly News: Ask The Experts”

Information from interview with Dr. John Torres (Medical Correspondent & an actively practicing Emergency Med doctor) and Dr. Joseph Fair, a virologist & epidemiologist

What can I expect if i get the virus and what is the treatment?

Right now there is no treatment. For the critically ill, there are experimental treatments they are trying with them.

For most people, you’ll get what seems like a cold, and you’ll get through that very quickly.

For some people, you might get more severe symptoms. If you have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, talk to your doctor.

Note: Confirmed cases” does not mean all those people are currently dying in hospitals. More than half of those have recovered and are fine. Another 30-40 percent of those will recover and go home.

Once you’ve had it and recovered from it, we have no idea how long you’re immune from catching it again. Usually you would count on one or two months, but because it’s new, we just don’t know how long you’ll be immune.