COVID thoughts, one year in

COVID thoughts, one year in

One year ago tonight is the last time I performed onstage. Let me state where my head is at.

What I want is zero covid in my life. I’m in my mid-50s. Death and/or mysterious ailments are already in my future; I don’t need any more causes of it or have it move up the timetable.

What I’m doing is minimizing exposure to risky situations. We stay home. Get groceries through curbside pickup. I avoid being indoors with others, even masked, for more than a few minutes.

Going forward:

I don’t feel comfortable returning to work until I am fully vaccinated, AND 70-80% of the US population is fully vaccinated (aka herd immunity”). Maybe late Summer or early Fall.

I want to be as safe as possible, so I am setting my bar to where the most cautious of disease experts are setting theirs. I want to see what the experts are doing FOR THEMSELVES and copy that behavior.

Half of epidemiologists surveyed said they would not change their personal behavior until herd immunity is reached.

My attention is captured by quotes like Indoor venues with lots of people is the riskiest situation” and Once I and my family are vaccinated, I would change behaviors, except I can’t imagine being in a crowd or attending any crowded events until 80 percent or more are vaccinated.”

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