COVID-19: March 30, 2020

COVID-19: March 30, 2020

Personal Impact:

  • Feeling burnt out on keeping track of COVID-19.

  • Going to stop daily updates, will post less often from now on.

  • Because I took vacation in the first week of March, it turns out I only worked six days in the five weeks that have passed since Mardi Gras Day. Love being at home and Ed and I are not having any problems being together so much.

  • However: Consuming news 9 hours a day is affecting my mental health. My empathy is on overload; so much suffering going on and more still to come.

  • Need to exercise and read more books.

  • Posted an organ video on Facebook. Want to do more of that!

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Centers for Disease Control Coronavirus landing page

Louisiana Dept. of Health: Coronavirus landing page, Twitter

City Of New Orleans Coronavirus updates, Twitter

The World Health Organization has updates and a map

Lots of data at Our World In Data”

Graphs, including growth factor

NYT Map tracking every case

Twitter feed of experts on the disease and its spread, and reporters covering it

Charts, maps and tables that show the latest numbers about the coronavirus