COVID-19: March 25, 2020

COVID-19: March 25, 2020

Local impact:

  • This is extremely concerning: …in Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes, just 15% of adult ICU beds are still available. In those parishes, there are 429 adult ICU beds total, while 65 are free.” (From It’s like a war zone” at

  • Louisiana paper juggles the coronavirus, furloughs” - the Washington Post covers layoffs at The Advocate/Times Picayune

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Source Old Count New Count Increase of Time
CDC 44,183 54,453 10,270 noon update
J.H.Univ. 52,145 61,167 9,022 1:19 pm update
NYT 49,619 59,502 9,883 12:03 pm update


all data from the Dept Of Health noon update

Where? Old Count New Count Increase of Deaths
Statewide 1,388 1,795 407 65

New Orleans Metropolitan Area Parishes

Where? Old Count New Count Increase of Deaths
Orleans 675 827 108 37
Jefferson 293 359 66 7
St. Bernard 19 23 4 1

Other Parishes

Where? Old Count New Count Increase of Deaths
Lafourche 16 18 2 1
Terrebonne 14 15 1
Lafayette 12 20 8
East Btn Rg 58 75 17 3

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  • What I Learned When My Husband Got Sick With Coronavirus (at

    That time, when we would sit on the couch watching something together, is behind us. Now there is too much rushing back and forth, making sure T has a little dinner — just a tiny bowl of soup, just an appetizer, really, that he is unable to smell, that he fights nausea to choke down — taking his temperature, monitoring his oxygen-saturation levels with the fingertip pulse oximeter brought by a friend from the drugstore on the doctor’s advice, taking him tea, dispensing his meds, washing my hands over and over, texting the doctor to say T is worse again, standing next to him while he coughs into the covers, rubbing his knees through the blankets.
    You shouldn’t stay here,” he says, but he gets more frightened as night comes, dreading the long hours of fever and soaking sweats and shivering and terrible aches. This thing grinds you like a mortar,” he says.

  • We will have a devastating recession economy until there’s widespread coronavirus testing.” (at USA Today)

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