COVID-19: March 19, 2020

COVID-19: March 19, 2020

Personal impact:

  • Left the house today to go to the bank. I’m the only one there who is wearing a mask. 😷👀

  • Weekly appointment to go out to lunch with Darrell and Glen put on hold. Maybe in a couple of weeks if we’re sure we’re not infected we can eat lunch at someone’s home.

Local impact:

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Source Old Count New Count Increase of Time
CDC 7,038 10,442 3,404 4:00 pm update
J.H.Univ. 7,769 13,159 5,390 4:43 pm update
NYT 8,017 10,822 2,805 5:10 pm update


all data from the Dept Of Health 5:30 pm update

Where? Old Count New Count Increase of Deaths
Statewide 280 392 112 10

Orleans Parish

Where? Old Count New Count Increase of Deaths
Orleans 196 249 53 8
Lambeth House Cluster 24 5

Other Parishes

Where? Old Count New Count Increase of Deaths
Jefferson 45 69 24 1
St. Bernard 3 4 1
Lafourche 3 4 1
Terrebonne 3 4 1
Lafayette - 3

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  • Great Q&A from CNN about facts, myths and information. Lots of good info in here.

  • Republican Senator and chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Richard Burr told rich donors three weeks ago that a pandemic was coming (there’s a recording), continued to go to Intelligence briefings, then sold off $1.6 million in stocks before the market collapsed, but said nothing to the public.

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Tracking Growth:

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