COVID-19: March 16, 2020

COVID-19: March 16, 2020

Personal impact:

  • I have been furloughed. Last night managment decided that entertainment in the Piano Lounge is ceasing starting today. And then today, the Governor closed all bars (see below). When we will resume operation is unknown. At least four weeks, it seems at this moment.

  • Ed and I will be sequestered at home for the forseeable future. Our favorite thing to do is not leaving the house so this won’t be too different for us.
    I’m glad I’m not having to expose myself to crowds, and I fervently hope we haven’t already been infected.

  • I have been fighting chronic sinusitis since September. Today I had a follow-up with my Sinus doctor, and next month I’m going to have surgery to remove some polyps (provided that elective surgeries are still happening next month!)

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Local impact:

Last night, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell issued restrictions for bars and restaurants.

Then today, the Governor took further action:

  • Gatherings are limited to no more than 50 people.

  • Casinos and bars will be closed.

  • Restaurants will be closed to patrons eating on site. Take-out, drive-through and delivery orders are allowed.

  • Movie theaters will be closed.

  • The measures will be in effect for four weeks, until April 13. Gov. Edwards said the situation will be re-evaluated on April 6.

Many states and cities are doing the same thing. Ohio, California, D.C., NYC, too many to keep track of here.

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Source Old Count New Count Increase of Time
CDC 1,629 3.487 1,858 4:00 pm update
J.H.Univ. 3,244 4,442 1,198 5:13 pm update
NYT 2,815 4,115 1,300 5:08 pm update


Where? Old Count New Count Increase of Deaths Time
Statewide 103 136 33 3 5:30 pm update
Orleans 75 94 22 3
Jefferson 14 21 7
St. Bernard 2
Lafourche 2
Terrebonne 2

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The paradox of the coronavirus response is that it only works if we take aggressive steps before they seem necessary and, if they work, will not have seemed necessary. Success will look like we overreacted.



Opinion: The coronavirus paradox - our lowest point and finest hour”

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